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Self-adhesive label 4 x 4 cm white microwave safe

Make article security easy: Our self-adhesive RF labels offer sufficient sticking strength for practically any surface, work with your standard EAS antenna, and are detected and triggered at even the smallest distance to the antenna.


Your benefits with RF labels

  • Secure: Very good detection performance, with recognition and triggering from a distance of 30 cm to the antenna.
  • Flexible: Due to their high adhesion level, they are suitable for all article categories (dry, fresh, frozen).
  • Minimal effort: Easy to attach to products in the shop or at the place of manufacture. deactivation at the checkout using your standard EAS antenna.


The facts

  • Microwave safe EAS label with German warning
  • Pcs. per roll: 2.000
  • Rolls per carton: 10
  • Frequency: 8,2 MHz
  • Delivery: Carton

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