For securing your goods

Thermal cover for Euro pallet

Fresh products, cold chain, reusable

Regulate the temperature of your goods easily and reliably with our thermal cover. The thermal cover is the perfect fit for Euro pallets, protects them from dirt and offers TÜV-tested stabilization of the product temperature.


Your benefits with the thermal cover

  • Robust: temperature and transport protection. Provides reliable protection against dirt, moisture and unauthorized access.
  • Temperature-resistant: Delays from room temperature to freezing by approx. 8–12 hours and stabilizes product temperatures.
  • TÜV-tested: The product temperature remains below 10°C for up to 20 hours.


The facts

  • Dimensions: 120 cm wide x 80 cm high
  • Delivery: 1 piece
  • Usage: IBC Container, Europaletten

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